⚽️ What Makes High-Performance NFTs a Great Option When Forming A Squad?

Hey $SCH Community, have you had your team formed with 15 players to be ready for the main game launch? 🤟🏻

As you may know, there are 3 types of NFT players which are: Talented NFTs, High-Performance NFTs and Casual NFTs. Today, let’s talk about High-Performance ones and some main keys which make them a wise choice when forming your soccer team 😎

1. Low cost — Good stats

High-Performance NFTs are more common than Talented ones, so their price is much cheaper. Currently, the lowest price of an HP NFT on the marketplace is only ~3000 $SCH — a really reasonable price for a good player!

Furthermore, most High-performance players have good stats from the beginning, so they don’t require too much investment for upgrading them. To conclude, high-performance players are suitable for users who want to invest a small amount of money to have a decent team.

2. Mutability in multiple matches — More winning chance when facing stronger teams

High-performance players have a special stat called Mutability — which makes them create dangerous chances or score an unexpected goal when they reach their peak performance in specific matches. This ability can be really helpful, especially when facing a strong team!

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