A Quick Introduction for The Alpha Version Launch

Greetings community! As you may know, the main game launch is coming close, firstly with the alpha and beta versions. The alpha version will be officially launched on Testnet this November 30th to provide users an early chance to test the game and identify. In this article, we will clarify the conditions to join the version, and the reward our users will get when participating in this first launch.

Alpha Version Launch

The Alpha Version is divided into 2 phases:
— From November 30 to December 2: Users spend 3 days playing experience to get used to the gameplay, find the right lineup and play style, buy and sell NFT players, add the necessary players to the squad….. During this time, the score has not been calculated to calculate the Test Alpha bonus;
— From December 3 onwards, we will start calculating points when everyone participates in the match of the day, so that at the end of the test phase, we will rely on rankings to calculate rewards.


— $SCH users need to hold a minimum of 15 NFT players to participate in Alpha Test matches.


— SoccerHub team plan a budget of 2 million $SCH tokens to reward users who participate in the Alpha test;

— Based on the total number of points achieved by users during the whole Alpha test, the system will rank the teams, and the number of reward tokens received will be equivalent to the number of points the team achieved;

— Top 10 teams with the highest score will receive the bonus coefficient, increasing the reward for the next week.

— — — — — — — — —

👉 Now it’s a good time for you to prepare yourself, to have the early chance to play in the Alpha version.

⌛ Don’t forget that the staking APY will be reduced soon, so seize your opportunity to play the minigame, and stake now to get bigger rewards.

— — — — — — — — —

Latest features of SoccerHub:

💸 $SCH Staking (https://staking.soccerhub.io/)

🛒 Marketplace (https://marketplace.soccerhub.io/)

😎 NFTs Staking (https://nft-staking.soccerhub.io/)

🎮 Kick Up & Run Kick Minigame (https://game.soccerhub.io/)

⚽️ Newbie Guide: https://soccerhub.medium.com/a-complete-guide-for-soccerhubs-newbie-7245769d2c79

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