How Do SoccerHub’s NFTs Statistics Affect Your PvP Result?


The “ABOUT” of a player


Weight & Height


  • Goalkeeper (GK)
  • Defender Left (DL)
  • Defender Right (DR)
  • Defender Center (DC)
  • Defensive Midfielder Left (DML)
  • Defensive Midfielder Center (DMC)
  • Defensive midfielder Right (DMR)
  • Midfielder Left (ML)
  • Midfielder Right (MR)
  • Midfielder Center (MC)
  • Attacking Midfielder Left (AML)
  • Attacking Midfielder Right (AMR)
  • Attacking Midfielder Centre (AMC)
  • Striker (ST)

The “STAT” of a player

  • Reflexes: Regarding how well he can react to shots.
  • Anticipation: It has a lot to do with high balls within the box and also the movement of opponents.
  • Communication: It represents how well he can communicate with teammates, and organize the defense. Higher Communication means that you can expect fewer mistakes will be made.
  • Kicking: How far and how accurately he can kick the ball.
  • Aerial reach: His ability to come to get an aerial ball.
  • Agility: How quickly a GK can start, stop, and move in a new direction.
  • Rushing out: How well he can decide whether to move forward to try to claim loose balls and opposition passes close to the penalty area.
  • Throwing: How accurately he can throw the ball to teammates.
  • Punching: Helps you to figure out the possibility if he will be trying to punch the ball when dealing with an aerial ball that is potentially catchable. In some cases, by not catching the ball, he could put more pressure on your defense.
  • Concentration: To help him anticipate properly in making good decisions.
  • Passing: How accurately a player can pass the ball to the intended target.
  • Dribbling: Determines how well a player can control the ball when running with it.
  • Crossing: Ability to place a well-aimed cross at the right time.
  • Shooting: How well a player is capable of placing a strong & good shot.
  • Finishing: How accurately a player can shoot at the intended target area of the goal, ability to react quickly and adapt to any offensive situation.
  • Tackling: How well a player is capable of executing a successful tackle on an opponent without committing a foul.
  • Marking: How well a player can mark his opponents and how well he can use zonal marking.
  • Positioning: How well a player moves and positions himself, to deal with attacking threats.
  • Heading: How well a player is capable of heading the ball towards his target.
  • Bravery: How likely the player decides to risk pain or injury to disarm the ball from the target.
  • Fitness: It determines how hard the player can exert himself on the pitch.
  • Strength: How well a player can exert his force onto an opponent in physical situations, such as when shielding the ball from an opposition player while standing or dribbling, when attempting to tackle an opposition player, when marking an opposition player, and when competing with an opposition player to get to the ball.
  • Aggression: How much a player asserts himself on the pitch. He is more likely to use physical force in situations that include attempting to tackle an opposition player, marking an opposition player, and competing with the opposition players to get to the ball. By the way, it does not necessarily raise the chance of fouls or injuries.
  • Speed: How fast a player can run when he has reached his maximum speed.
  • Creativity: Higher points mean higher opportunities a player will find to use his other abilities.

How to gain your players?

  • Buy NFT players
  • Auctions
  • Scout list (under discussion)
  • Direct transfer offers (under discussion)
  • Youth Academy (under discussion)

About SoccerHub

  • Satisfy the Soccer passion
  • Enjoy the ownership of a Super Squad
  • Earn tokens while playing and trading
  • Have fun with the betting system

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