Introducing Oracles Investment Group (OIG) as SoccerHub’s Strategic Investor

SoccerHub is delighted to introduce OIG - Oracles Investment Group as our strategic investor.

Accompanying us in the launching of our Soccer Manager NFT game, OIG will provide a distinctive platform to raise capital, call for supporters and crypto investors to take part in our project. SoccerHub team believes OIG’s resources, industry experience, and strategic recommendations will greatly assure and foster SoccerHubs’ future success.

SoccerHubs’ gameplay, according to OIG, is a new track with a lot of potential and space for growth. It’s also fascinating to witness the development of SoccerHub that values the blockchain industry and contributes to the spread of networks.

About OIG Group

A coordinated team from every corner of the global market that combines their distinct market insights with rigorous fundamental analysis. OIG gives Crypto Project teams and investors access to a world-class investment platform and early investments to be able to achieve their investment goals in Crypto. OIG has been in the blockchain world for an extended period; hence they continue to share their enthusiasm with the most promising projects and firms by providing different services including:

  • Consultant Services
  • Code Analysis
  • Tokenomics Examination
  • Planning
  • Fundamental Research
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Global Networking
  • Marketing

More Info about OIG:

💬OIG Chat Room:

💬OIG Announcement Channel:


About SoccerHub

SoccerHub is the very first play-to-earn multi-player game, which is a combination of traditional soccer manager games and trending NFT games. Our team focus on creating fun activities and campaigns surrounding the in-game characters for soccer fans. We also concentrate on the importance of creating one-of-a-kind NFT soccer players with distinct genes and skills that provide economic opportunities for users. Therefore, Soccer Hub would be a long-term sustained ecosystem where players can:

  • Satisfy the Soccer passion
  • Enjoy the ownership of a Super Squad
  • Earn tokens while playing and trading
  • Have fun with the betting system

More info about SoccerHub:

📍 Website:

📍 Twitter:

📝 Whitepaper:

📝 Medium:

💬 Telegram Ann:

💬 Telegram Chat:




Soccer Hub is the very first Play-to-earn Soccer Manager Game. Join us on Telegram for more info:

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Soccer Hub

Soccer Hub

Soccer Hub is the very first Play-to-earn Soccer Manager Game. Join us on Telegram for more info:

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