P2P Mode Releasing: What can we expect?

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2 min readMar 1, 2022

What we have been waiting for, the P2P game mode will be released soon this March. And below will be the reveal of the special features that will appear in the new version of SoccerHub.

✅ 4 weeks of the Beta season have come to an end, now it’s time for clubs to test tactics and players. After that, the system-team mode will be officially stopped to focus on P2P mode.

💰 The reward pool we provide is 500,000 $SGP.

🎫 You need to buy 1 ticket to attend the season.

⭐ In total, the top teams will receive both token and NFT players as rewards. The money from ticket sales will be added to the reward pool, so the more participants, the higher the reward for the winners.

💸 The prize distribution mechanism will be announced in the next article.

📝 After a period of 2 days to register, each P2P season will officially start and last for 2 weeks. Then the process will be repeated.

📊 Based on the strength of the participating teams, the system will select the seeded teams and divide them into leagues, bringing balance to the leagues.

BIG NOTE: The squad for the season will be confirmed at the end of registration. Players bought/sold during the season will not be able to participate in that season, but must wait for the next season.

🎮 In the upcoming season, we will be welcoming new teams from our partners and their communities as well. The competition is expected to be very tough, so let’s get your team ready from now on!

And before the first season kicks off, we’ll have a new round of NFT sales for clubs to upgrade their squads. 💪🏻

Specific time will be announced soon… 👀

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