Partnership Announcement: SoccerHub x Basics — Mighty Investor

SoccerHub is thrilled to announce that Basics Capital has joined our team of partners as a key investor in our early stage.

Derived from the unique idea of combining the traditional football management game with the NFT platform to help players achieve their own economic benefits, SoccerHub has recently gained great confidence from many international strategic investors focusing on Blockchain, which has contributed to reinforcing our development capabilities as well as magnify our global presence.

With a solid ecosystem of Blockchain for years, Basics will definitely help SoccerHub move faster on the road to success, to the moon, and beyond. Besides, SoccerHub is also a project with great potential, promising to become one of the Basics’ most successful investments.

Salem Nguyen — CEO of SoccerHub said: “Actually Basics is the very first VC that we share SoccerHub’s idea. And we couldn’t be happier that Larry loves it and decided to join hands with us immediately. Hopefully, with Basics’ mighty boost SoccerHub achieve our promising aim faster with a more sustainable community”

About Basics

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About SoccerHub

SoccerHub is the very first play-to-earn multi-player game, which is a combination of traditional soccer manager games and trending NFT games. Our team focus on creating fun activities and campaigns surrounding the in-game characters for soccer fans. We also concentrate on the importance of creating one-of-a-kind NFT soccer players with distinct genes and skills that provide economic opportunities for users. Therefore, Soccer Hub would be a long-term sustained ecosystem where players can:

  • Satisfy the Soccer passion
  • Enjoy the ownership of a Super Squad
  • Earn tokens while playing and trading
  • Have fun with the betting system

More info about SoccerHub:

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Soccer Hub is the very first Play-to-earn Soccer Manager Game. Join us on Telegram for more info:

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Soccer Hub

Soccer Hub

Soccer Hub is the very first Play-to-earn Soccer Manager Game. Join us on Telegram for more info:

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