Sneak Peek: Meet our ‘High-class’ NFT Soccer Players

SoccerHub gameplay is deeply inspired by top worldwide favorite soccer manager games like “Top Eleven” or “Football Manager”. However, the key feature to make us distinguished from other soccer manager games, is that every soccer player in Soccer Hub is an NFT player. Soccer Managers in the game could transfer their NFT players in the marketplace to create their own dream team. In Soccer Hub, Game characters are generated by Blockchain tech with random Attributes (15 different attributes), Positions (14 different positions), and Statistics (17 different statistics).


Attributes are divided into 3 categories:

  • Defense
  • Attack
  • Physical & Mental


There is a total of 14 positions including:

  • GK: Goalkeeper
  • DL: Defensive Left
  • DC: Defensive Center
  • DR: Defensive Right
  • DML: Defensive midfielder Left
  • DMC: Defensive Midfielder Center
  • DMR: Defensive Midfielder Right
  • ML: Midfielder Left
  • MC: Midfielder Center
  • MR: Midfielder Right
  • AML: Attacking midfielder Left
  • AMC: Attacking Midfielder Center
  • AMR: Attacking Midfielder Right
  • ST: Striker


Statistics are basic information including player’s quality, available skill point, field roles, nationality, height, weight, right-footed/ left-footed, market value, season wage, age, special ability,…

How to gain your players?

If you want to own your very own soccer club, below are 5 ways to gain players:

  • Buy NFT players
  • Auctions
  • Scout list (under discussion)
  • Direct transfer offers (under discussion)
  • Youth Academy (under discussion)

Get ready to create your dream team ⚽️





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