Sneak Peek: Meet our ‘High-class’ NFT Soccer Players


  • Defense
  • Attack
  • Physical & Mental


  • GK: Goalkeeper
  • DL: Defensive Left
  • DC: Defensive Center
  • DR: Defensive Right
  • DML: Defensive midfielder Left
  • DMC: Defensive Midfielder Center
  • DMR: Defensive Midfielder Right
  • ML: Midfielder Left
  • MC: Midfielder Center
  • MR: Midfielder Right
  • AML: Attacking midfielder Left
  • AMC: Attacking Midfielder Center
  • AMR: Attacking Midfielder Right
  • ST: Striker


How to gain your players?

  • Buy NFT players
  • Auctions
  • Scout list (under discussion)
  • Direct transfer offers (under discussion)
  • Youth Academy (under discussion)

Get ready to create your dream team ⚽️



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