SoccerHub AMA with OIG (Oracles Investment Group)

Viking | OIG,

Today we Welcome Soccerhub for an AMA session!

Hannah Nguyen,

Hi, community! Nice to e-meet all of you guys here. Great thanks for your interest in SoccerHub and for attending AMA today.

Viking | OIG,

For everyone, you can check the page:

Hannah Nguyen,

Hi, I’m so honored to be here as the guest of today's AMA. Please feel free to ask me anything.

Viking | OIG,

We love the name here in OIG!

Please introduce yourself to our community?

Hannah Nguyen,

Hi OIG community,

I’m Hannah — CMO of SoccerHub and I’m here to behalf of SoccerHub to answer all questions of today’s AMA.

Can’t wait to receive as many questions and interests in our coming Soccerhub.

Viking | OIG,

Can you provide us with a brief introduction to SoccerHub? Could you give us a simple description of SoccerHub? What are the vision and mission?

Hannah Nguyen,

Yes sure, SoccerHub is the combination of traditional soccer manager game and trending NFT game that we believe that we will be the very first play-to-earn soccer manager game.

Our core team focuses on bringing game players the most unique NFT gaming experience ever which is specially designed for our world-class NFT soccer players and betting systems, and gaming activities still follow the P2E game model.

In SoccerHub users can enjoy playing Soccer Hub while earning $SCH tokens from trading, staking, winning matches, or betting.

About Mission & Vision:

- By Blockchain and Creativity, our mission is to connect huge numbers of fans all over the world and transform unique ideas into a virtual world.

- And we’re aiming to be one of the top big NFT games for millions of soccer fans who have an interest in soccer as well as play-to-earn games.

Viking | OIG,

Let's hope you will be top games for millions of Soccer fans !.. We will help you

Hannah Nguyen,

Yeh, we hope that too.

Viking | OIG, We often ask about killer features. 3 words to describe your project?

Hannah Nguyen,

Such a good question.

3 following words just crossed my mind:

Beat-off — World-class — Long life circle

+ A Beat-off game is for the mix of Soccer Manager Game and a P2E game

+ World-class is for our proud NFT players that make us stand out from other NFT player cards.

+ Long life circle is our aim and we believe SoccerHub can last for such a long term like many other soccer manager games being adored over the last decade.

Viking | OIG,

A lot of members in OIG played these manager games!

Also back in the good old PC times 😉

Hannah Nguyen,

Happy to hear that!

Viking | OIG,

So how did you come up with the idea of Soccerhub? Is it influenced by any games you’ve played?

Hannah Nguyen,

Well, SoccerHub is inspired by top soccer manager games in the world like TopEleven, Football manager, but following the principle of a play-to-earn game.

Sharing the same enthusiasm for creating a game hub for global fans of soccer, we gather teams and decided to kick off Soccerhub in May.

Viking | OIG,

Yeah. We know Football Manager!

We are looking forward to your team creating this game!

Hannah Nguyen,

Yeh, according to researching on the internet, over 10 million fan is playing too.

Viking | OIG,

What does a CMO do in Soccerhub?

Hannah Nguyen,

About my role in SoccerHub, my key role is building a strong community for SoccerHub.

And in order to achieve that, we’re having some activities as follows:

- Airdrop campaign in Coinmarketing Cap

- Update news on Twitter/ Telegram/ Medium/ Facebook

- Connect with KOLs all over the world

- Choose partners in some target market

- Take part in some competitions

- etc….

Viking | OIG,

Amazing. must be interesting every day — Your community are growing

Hannah Nguyen,

And FYI, our airdrop campaign on CoinMarketCap is still opened until tomorrow. Just make sure all of u guys here don’t miss it

Viking | OIG

Can you share the link?

Hannah Nguyen,

Of course, please join our airdrop campaign at the below link:

Viking | OIG,

Let us take some questions from Twitter

Check the link guys above

Viking | OIG,

Ipman — @Ipman15547444

Can you list killer features of Your Project that make it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

Hannah Nguyen,

I love this question!

As we know, currently NFT Sports Game is appearing more and more, but NFT items are mostly cards or pictures. So the first thing we’re proud of is our high-level NFT player which is generated randomly by Blockchain technology with different specifications (including15 different attributes; 14 different positions; 17 different statistics)

In comparison with other NFT games, we focus on unique gaming experiences, allow users to play multi-roles (or Soccer Manager or Betting Player)

Compared to other Soccer Manager Games, we believe the model P2E of SoccerHub can open many economic opportunities for soccer fan communities all over the world.

Viking | OIG,

Sounds really fascinating. Looking forward to seeing it!

Let's grab number 2

Viking | OIG,

Crypto Trader — @devil_queen43

What are your top priorities at the end of 2021 and the coming 2022, so Could you share some plans for the upcoming year? Which part of the project are you most focused on right now?

Hannah Nguyen,

Yeh, I think many users are curious about this also.

First and foremost we are launching 2000–3000 original designed NFT players and our own Marketplace.

We have set goals to build a strong community before the end of 2021, therefore, our development team is now busy creating many exciting mini-games for members to play and stake $SCH.

Next year is a significant time for us as we planned to release our main features of SoccerHub — soccer manager gaming activities. Besides, in the other half of the year, users can join as betting players and earn from that.

At present, we concentrate on our NFT players & marketplace.

Viking | OIG,

This NFT and soccer manager and gaming combined will be a killer ;)

Hannah Nguyen,

Yes, they’re our weapons!

Viking | OIG,

next one:

Ceejay Talam


Any blockchain startup needs a strong sense of community. How do you intend to involve the community in your project? Do you have any plans to start an ambassador program or create dapps on your platform? What will these ambassadors’ responsibilities be?

Hannah Nguyen,

Sure, we did intend to involve our community in Soccerhub as a strong community would be the key for us to develop and move on. If you refer to/ have a look at our tokenomic allocation, you can see that we have an 8% allocation for your community and around 26% for Play to Earn.

About the ambassador program, our team is defining the SCH ambassador program now.

And we are looking for ambassadors in different countries in the world map to support us:

- Manage community in that country

- Sync info from SCH Global in real-time

- Marketing activities (KOLs, PR Media…)

Viking | OIG,

Really good — I think this will blow up !!!

Last one from Twitter.


Can you tell us about your SoccerHub team members? are they qualified and professional in their fields? what are the recruiting qualifications for team members for your extraordinary project? thank you….Is your project listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap or not???

Hannah Nguyen,

Well, SoccerHub is Backed by Chainos Solution — one of the top 10 blockchain companies in Vietnam and Ziga game studio which developed successfully more than 18 games and has a DAU number of 300K.

Our CTO — Harry Dau is also Head of the R&D Department & Blockchain Leader of Chainos.

And our COO — Ngoc Anh Ta is COO of Ziga Game at the same time.

We are proud that we have good qualifications and professional manners!

Regarding listing, SoccerHub was published on Coinmarketcap and there are more than 300k people who have joined our 1st airdrop campaign on the Coinmarketcap site.

Viking | OIG,

We will take questions from our community here.

A lot will come — I will mute, and then you choose 3 questions and we will finish up after that. And try to avoid the copy-paste Q


CAN you explain the background of your team? How will you and your team carry out this project during this current pandemic????

Hannah Nguyen,

I like this real question.

Covid pandemic has affected a lot on our country as well especially since the kick-off of SoccerHub, we have to change from working directly with each other at the office to working remotely. Not only it does put a great impact on our team but also becomes a Push-buttons for us that we know if this situation keeps going on, many people tend to find ways to make money online on the internet and play-to-earn will be a good choice.

Red Right Hand,

Can you explain $SCH’s tokenomics its use-cases? How can players get $SCH from your gameplay?

Hannah Nguyen,

Well, $SCH is a universal soccer fan token built on multi-chain networks including Binance Smart Chain & Polygon with an aim to offer scalability and stable fees. As a play-to-earn game, you have to use those tokens in order to play by making Payments for transferring NFT Players; equipment; training packages; betting services. And of course, SoccerHub users can enjoy playing while earning $SCH tokens from trading, staking, winning matches, or betting.

bak đang thất học,

I’m curious to know what names will be used for the players and teams inside Soccer Hun. Will you use real player names like Messi, CR7, etc? Or implement fictional names related to the crypto world???

Hannah Nguyen,

A hint about our NFT Players.

We don’t use the real player character (Messi, CR7…).

We design our own NFT Soccer Players and have their own name ( implement fictional names related to the crypto world)

Viking | OIG,

Amazing. Hannah!

Hannah Nguyen,

Thanks for all the great questions!

And thanks to OIG for supporting us hold this amazing AMA today.

Viking | OIG,

Thank you for coming in today !…

Hannah Nguyen,

It’s our honor! Hope to see all of you in SoccerHub group chat as well.

Viking | OIG,

Yes — Please join them !..

Those are the social links 🙌🏻 Make sure to follow SoccerHub you won’t miss any hot news 😎

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Soccer Hub is the very first Play-to-earn Soccer Manager Game. Join us on Telegram for more info: