SoccerHub and IceteaLabs Partnership to Kick-off The First Soccer Manager NFT Game

About IceteaLabs

  • Project incubation: Icetea Labs not only funds projects, but also support businesses in both financial and branding aspects by linking them with its network of partners.
  • Advisory partner: By using extensive experience in developing crypto, Icetea Labs can guide projects through various stages of development.
  • Polkadot migration: Icetea Labs offers technical answers to problems encountered while developing Dapps on the Polkadot blockchain ecosystem.
  • Developer Hub: Currently, Icetea Labs have over 1,200 qualified programmers on staff, armed with a wide range of programming tools and utilities.

About SoccerHub

  • Satisfy the Soccer passion
  • Enjoy the ownership of a Super Squad
  • Earn tokens while playing and trading
  • Have fun with the betting system

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