SoccerHub and PandaCapital Join Hands for Expansion to the Chinese Market

Soccer Hub
2 min readSep 1, 2021

We are glad to announce that PandaCapital, a research & community-driven venture capital, has become our strategic partner. This collaboration will bring the brand name of the SoccerHub Play-to-Earn game and $SCH token to a broader audience, particularly the Chinese market.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are taking the international game world by storm. The NFT market in China is still in the exploratory stage but has great growth potential as more and more Chinese players are showing interest in NFTs. SoccerHub is thrilled to cooperate with Panda in order to explore this market so we can bring the very first play-to-earn soccer game for soccer lovers in China.

As a strategic partner, Panda Capital will support our project by using their current platform, community, and user base to reach out to potential players and investors in the Chinese market as part of this collaboration. Panda can have a bigger impact on up-and-coming projects and contribute more to the industry’s long-term sustainability by developing SoccerHub’s promising networks in China.

About Panda Capital

Panda Capital is a research & community-driven venture capital focusing on investments in blockchain infrastructure, middleware, DeFi, NFT, Game, and Web3.0 applications. Panda is a decentralized organization, we have gathered talents from all walks of life. We invested in many great projects and are actively involved in the various developer & DAO communities. Since our inception, we have been dedicated ourselves to building a bridge between China, Asia, and the rest of the world.

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About SoccerHub

SoccerHub is the very first play-to-earn multi-player game, which is a combination of traditional soccer manager games and trending NFT games. Our team focuses on creating fun activities and campaigns surrounding the in-game characters for soccer fans. We also concentrate on the importance of creating one-of-a-kind NFT soccer players with distinct genes and skills that provide economic opportunities for users. Therefore, Soccer Hub would be a long-term sustained ecosystem where players can:

  • Satisfy the passion for Soccer games with multiple gaming activities.
  • Enjoy the ownership of a Super Squad
  • Earn tokens while playing and trading
  • Have fun with the betting system

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Soccer Hub

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