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Nov 20, 2021

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SoccerHub guide: Key Factors to Win a Match

Let’s unlock your inner elite-manager potential with these tips for SoccerHub.

Here we will offer up some top tips to help you get your hands on some silverware. 🔐

Of course, bringing the best players into the game

Just like in real-life football, you should put the players with the highest stats, and are in the best form on the field.

It should be taken into account that the form status of each player when participating in a match is one of these 5 values:

⬆ Top Form

↗ Good Form

➡ Normal Form

↘ Poor Form

⬇ Terrible Form.

🔵 High-performance players are the ones usually in TOP and GOOD Form, thus they will perform better than actual stats.

Take the time to tailor your training

Besides, you can increase your player’s stats to increase your chances of winning through training packages with specific skills, including Shooting Skills, Goalkeeping Skills, Passing Skills, Skills dribbling, etc.

Each of the above skills has a maximum value.

👉 Talented players are those who can train to the highest level.

👉 Non-Talented players, even with training, will only increase to a certain level, the specific number will be revealed in the following articles.

Choose the right formation for your team

📰 In real-life football, choosing the right formation is something of an art form and is often pored over by pundits and casual fans alike.

Tactics have evolved constantly, but which formation is the best for now? To put it simply, it depends on you.

🎯 Just like in real life, some managers prefer to stick to their assumed winning formation for the duration of the season, while others adapt their tactics to counter their opponent’s set-up.

For example, if facing a very strong opponent, some of them can choose a counter-attack strategy, or even go with the all-out attack to risk a victory.

During the game, you should observe the situation to flexibly replace the players, or change the formation, tactics to achieve the best results.

✍️ Some managers base their recruitment on the formation that they want to play. Others build their formation around their strongest stars.

🥅 Regardless of your personal preference, the key seems to be picking your formation depending on your personnel, rather than the other way around. It’s really important to ensure that your key players are playing in a system that maximizes their potential.

Budget sensibly with the Finance section

💰 For newbies, it’s necessary to have a clear image of the formation and tactics you will need to emulate your favorite teams.

💸 Ensure your squad is well-balanced and has a strong core of players that can last a few seasons as you progress.

And remember, you should not put all your budget into building a squad that is too small, because there are other factors to consider such as form and fitness, those will be discussed further in the future.

Make the most of the SoccerHub community

⚽ Through our social media channels, managers can engage, learn and compete with each other to gain more experience.

⛳ To get the most of SoccerHub, you need to utilize the power of the community. It’s also really important to our users and the future of the game since many of the changes made are a result of valuable feedback received from our community.

  • Note: New features such as Stadium, Cheer Girls Team, Fitness Coach, Equipment for players (such as soccer shoes, gloves, jerseys…) will be announced in detail later.

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