SoccerHub’s AMA with Sportsicon on November 23rd

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Hello, how are you? It's super great to be here and then to hear this is your first AMA, I feel honored 🎖

I’m doing just great! Happy to have Sportsicon here with us in our first AMA hosted ever 🥰

Before we start, I would like to share again our AMA format for today!

We will have 3 segments:
Segment 1: Guest and project intro
Segment 2: Twitter questions from AMA announcement — 5 Winners
Segment 3: Community’s live questions — 5 Winners

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I’m ready!!

All good. Let the AMA begin! 🙌🏻 First question of the first segment! Please introduce yourself to our community?

Hi everyone, my name is Micky Irons.

I’m the Chief Marketing Officer here at SportsIcon.

I have a background in developing global marketing strategies, brand strategy, PR/Media planning and business development among many other things.

Great one. Thank you for sharing! Could you please briefly introduce Sportsicon project?

SportsIcon was launched to meet the specific needs of fans, athletes, teams and managers. The problem we saw had two faces: first, people became detached from their sporting heroes after the athlete’s active participation in sport ceased, and second, athletes and managers were unsure of how to engage with the burgeoning NFT market. Fans want to connect with their icons, and sports legends want to give something back to their fans — what was lacking was the framework to do so.

What a great idea! What are the competitive advantages of Sportsicon in comparison to other similar projects?

That’s a great question! SportsIcon creates cinematic NFTs in collaboration with athletes that commemorate the journey through their lives and sporting careers that made them the icons they are. While regular digital content can be shared unlimitedly online, digital content in the form of an NFT becomes a unique asset that has provenance, originality and authenticity 😊

Excellent! Sure you guys are building Sportsicon in such a unique way! Your answer leads me to the final question of segment 1: — What are the biggest milestones your project — Sportsicon has achieved so far, and the development plans for the near future?

One of our first Icons was Gianluigi Buffon: the goalkeeping sensation widely regarded as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time, and by some as the greatest ever. Gigi released an NFT collection in partnership with SportsIcon, joining Roberto Carlos, the former Brazilian and Real Madrid full left-back and freekick maestro on our original lineup.

Upon main net launch, SportsIcon will be debuting Pre-Mint Passes for Romelu Lukaku, the most expensive soccer player of all time in accumulated transfer fees, and NFL icon Mike Vick, with their main drops to follow early in 2022. Joining them in the early SportsIcon lineup are Mexican football giants Los Pumas, wrestling pioneers CMLL ‘Lucha Libre’ and some more iconic names currently under wraps. Exclusive cinematic NFTs will showcase the Icon’s journey, historic moments in their careers, as well as their inspirations, motivations and skills.

I hope that makes you all just as excited as I am.

It is just mind-blowing! 🤯

And that’s the end of segment 1. Let’s get ahead to the second segment! We made an announcement on SoccerHub Twitter about the AMA with Sportsicon. Here is the link:

Twitter users have a bunch of questions for you guys. We have picked FIVE of them. Here is the first question:

I love Sportsicon’s genius idea to offer users the journeys of some GOAT sports people. But to be honest I still don’t really get $ICONS token utilities. Can you tell me more about it? What are its utilities, and how can I benefit from holding $ICONS in long term? Thank you!

This has to be one of my favorite questions and very right asked. $ICONS is the native token of the SportsIcon platform. It can initially be used for NFT purchases, participation in the liquidity pool, staking, incentivization and governance. $ICONS will have several more use cases that will expand over time.

Although the SportsIcon platform is based on the Flow blockchain for the creation of NFTs, $ICONS is an ERC-20 Ethereum token. It is regulated by strong tokenomics that keep its supply and demand in check. Holding $ICONS means:

  • Discounts on NFTs on the SportsIcon website.
  • Priority-access to drops for holders.
  • Exclusive access to athlete creator coins.
  • Participation in liquidity pools and staking.
  • Access to exclusive Telegram and Discord groups through our community membership program.
  • Access to exclusive Icon content.
  • Participation in launchpad sales.
  • Sports metaverse benefits.
  • Governance participation.

Great answer! Let’s head to the next question: Can you tell me more about Sportsicon’s LION CLUB? How can I participate in it, and what exclusive benefits will I get when being a member of LION CLUB?

The Lion Club is an exclusive community of sports lovers. There are 9,000 memberships available, and that’s all there ever will be. At 9,000 strong our community is larger than the crowds at many lower-division sporting events. Imagine the collective power of the Lion Club with 9,000 members.
The Lion Club membership auction sold out in just 10 hours — a testament to the passion and power of our community. Among other great benefits, members will be able to participate in Lion Club DAO currently under development. We’ll use this DAO to buy sports-related NFTs, real-world memorabilia, real-world sporting tickets and much more.
Some of the perks that Lion Club members enjoy include:

  • Zoom and AMA chats with some of the greatest sportspeople of all time. We’ve already had Luis Figo and Baron Davis take part, and more will be announced shortly.
  • In-person meetups with the greatest sportspeople of all time.
  • Airdrops of exclusive sport-related NFTs.
  • VIP sporting event tickets.
  • Real-world sports outings — we’ve already had three real-life meetups in a Lexus Suite at Madison Square Garden and a private box at Wembley Stadium, London.
  • Free entry to $ICONS Stadium to view NFTs in VR.
  • Private discord community channel.
  • Amazing perks in the sports metaverse through our partners and launchpad.
  • Access to more SportsIcon events.

That sounds amazing! Save me a slot, I would love to participate in Lion Club 🙌🏻

Q3 from the Twitter segment: Recently, Metaverse is becoming a hot topic in the crypto world. We have witnessed a lot of projects headed to the moon because of the adaption to Metaverse. Have Sportsicon and Lion Club had any plans or actions to expand to Metaverse?

Hmmm well, I must say, this is kinda top secret stuff. But I’ll give you a very short answer, YES!!!

Q4: I’m really excited to see the 2 Sports NFT projects that I especially love working on together. Are you guys preparing for a collaboration? What can the community expect from Sportsicon x SoccerHub partnership?

You can find a really detailed info related to our partnership here:

Nice and clear! Last question from segment 2:

@SportsIcon has announced a closure of its $5.5M seed fundraising round. What is your short-term plan to improve the project thanks to this successful fundraising? And can we expect partnerships with some sports legends such as Messi, Ronaldo, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods?

Michael Jordan wow, wouldn’t that just be amazing.

Our budget was strategically raised to deliver every aspect of our platform we’ve promised & yes that does include more ICONS!!

Speaking of new ICONS, I’d advise you all to keep a watchful eye on our Twitter page. Word is something extremely hots about to drop and I ain’t talking about our IDO 👀

Very well done on all those tough questions from the SoccerHub community on Twitter 🤣 And now, here comes the last segment of our AMA! A lot of questions are coming! Are you ready Mr. Micky?

Show me the 🔥


Is your project only for elite investors, what about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

Sportsicon is designed for even the smallest of investors. Everyone is welcome and in this world everyone is equal so please don’t ever feel any less than someone just because they have wealth.

Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project/company. How have you been able to build a complete project and what is the way to generate profit/revenue of the token? What is the income model?

This is a brilliant question!!!

A business model is imperative to a companies survival & prosperity.

As much as SportsIcon is a community-driven project with the set goal of reviving sports icon fandoms, it is also a business venture. We aim to generate revenue that will be used for several purposes, including platform growth and development
The SportsIcon platform will generate revenue via:

  • NFT mint events and sales.
  • The SportsIcon NFT marketplace and its fees.
  • The Lion Club NFT program.
  • Sports games launched on the SportsIcon launchpad.
  • Future metaverse expansions and the opportunities that come with them.

Does your project support staking program? If yes, how is your stake system work, what is the requirement for users if they want to stake in your platform?

SportsIcon may very well be currently designing a staking platform to give users even more benefits from holding our native token.

I guess you’ll have to stay tuned to our announcement channel 😉

Can you tell us about some of your partners and who you plan to collaborate within the near future?

The project and the team are also backed by top advisors and equity investors. They include:

Nasir Jones ‘Nas’
A rap legend turned investor that has been regarded by many as half-human, half investment. Nas has distinguished himself as a full-fledged investor in Silicon Valley start-ups. The Queens, New York-bred artist who first hit the charts more than 20 years ago has quietly metamorphosed into a prolific angel investor — founding the venture capital firm Queensbridge Venture Partners.

Elefund is a thesis-driven VC focused on investments in early-stage technology companies such as SportsIcon. Of 30 companies in their first investment fund from 2015, at least nine are on track for billion-dollar exits — including seed investments in Robinhood, Carta and Calm. Elefund’s latest fund has more than $30 million in committed capital which they will use to invest and support promising startups and founders.

Andrew Bogut
Formerly an NBA champion, Andrew Bogut has joined the growing list of sports stars harnessing their business minds to invest in start-ups. Andrew has a healthy portfolio of investments, including grassroots sports start-up Sportility.

Roham Gharegozlou
CEO of Dapper Labs, the company behind CryptoKitties, NBA Top Shot and Flow blockchain. Roham is also the Founding Partner of Axiom Zen, an award-winning VC and incubator based in Vancouver.

Sunny Madra
Sunny is a serial entrepreneur and vice president at Ford Motor Company. Sunny is an experienced angel investor and a shareholder in Uber and Zenefits. Before that, he was the CTO of Pivotal Labs and has over ten years of experience in the technology sector. Sunny was a co-founder at Extreme Venture Partners, the Chief Technical Officer at Spongefish Inc., and has worked with Cisco Systems Inc. on core routing platforms.

Nihal Mehta
Nihal is the co-founder of Eniac Ventures, a venture capital platform that raised over $125M for its fifth fund in February 2021. He is one of the top shots in the venture capital niche with a special interest in tech startups. Nihal is called the human rolodex, thanks to the thousands of connections he has made with some of the world’s top companies and brands. He developed many of these connections over the past 20 years while founding five different high-tech startups. He grew the revenue of LocalResponse to 2153% in three years and landed them at number 204 in the 2014 INC. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies.

Mike Edwards
Mike is the co-founder and executive chairman of Argos Blockchain PLC, an enterprise-scale provider of cryptocurrency mining services that is listed on the LSE. He has a wealth of experience in building and scaling consumer technology companies in private and public markets and he is one of the venture capitalists that invest with SportsIcon.

Anand Agarawala
Anand is Co-Founder and CEO of Spatial, the leading VR/AR collaboration app that turns any room into a 3D workspace. Like a 3D version of Zoom and Slack. Spatial is used by Fortune 1000’s like Mattel, Pfizer, Ford, was a Quest 2 and HoloLens 2 keynote launch partner and is the most venture-funded company in the space. Anand is also a seasoned investor and venture capitalist.

Andrew Masanto
Andrew is a serial entrepreneur and investor. Most recently active in Fintech, Andrew was Co-Founder and Founding CSO of Good Money (raised $34M+), Founding CMO of Reserve (backed by Peter Thiel, Coinbase, and others, currently at $1B+ valuation), and Founding CMO of Hedera Hashgraph (backed by Google, IBM and Boeing with a $20B+ fully diluted valuation). Andrew experienced his early successes in the digital marketing space. His earliest venture was Altitude Shoes, which eventually became the leading online seller of Men’s Height Increasing Shoes in the UK and was eventually bought by uCommerz.

Chad Hurley
A serial entrepreneur, innovation and technology expert, Hurley is the former CEO and Co-Founder of YouTube and AVOS. He has made several investments in top-tier tech and sports companies and is a part-owner of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors and the MLS’s Los Angeles Football Club. On the 25th of January 2021, Hurley announced on Twitter that he had become an investor at Leeds United, the English Premier League football club. The most recent of his investments is a £2.1M financing of Uptime App.

What is the relationship between SportsIcon and SoccerHub and I’m curious about what Lukaku gif on Twitter means?

You know what they say, curiosity killed the cat! But, here’s a little secret 🤭
There will be a Romelu Lukaku NFT giveaway competition for the SoccerHub community 🎫😎💨🌟 Are you all ready to be apart of this legendary journey?

Wonderful journey! And that is the end of our AMA with Sportsicon today! Thank you so much to everyone who participated! Thank you Mr. Micky for your time and participation in today’s AMA. Would love it if you can share as well Sportsicon’s social links where the community can get the latest updates from the team!

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