Tactics Explained: How to optimize your SoccerHub team?

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2 min readFeb 22, 2022


In football, it is certain that no formation and tactics are perfect. However, understanding the types of tactics and making appropriate adjustments will help you optimize your squad, thereby increasing your chances of winning against stronger opponents. So, let’s find out about them now!

🎯 Attack:

Team Mentality:

Super Defensive/Defensive/Normal/Offensive/Super Offensive

An offensive mentality gives you more opportunity to attack, but it also leaves you vulnerable to your opponent’s counter-attacks.

Focus Passing:

Mixed/Down Both Planks/Right Plank/Left Plank/Through The Middle

By focusing on one side of the pitch, your players will be more motivated to organize plays on that side.

Passing Style:


Short passes are safer and help with keeping possession, whereas long passes are riskier but can lead to better attacking opportunities.

Force Counter Attacks:


Forcing counter-attacks makes your team risk their possession for the chance to surprise your opponent with fast attacks.

🛡 Defense:

Pressing Style:


High pressing boosts your team’s defense efforts but will make your players tired fast by spending the energy.

Tackling Style:


More aggressive tackling will result in more plays being stopped, but it will also result in more fouls and bookings.

Marking Style:


Using man-to-man style will offer you a defensive advantage, but will make your defenders fatigue more quickly.

Offside Trap:


The offside trap instructs your players to try to catch your opponent’s players in an offside position.

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