Take Your Chance to Win 5 NFTs in SoccerHub’s Meme Contest!

How to participate?

  1. Follow @SoccerHub_io on Twitter and join our Telegram
  2. Like & retweet this tweet
  3. Post your best SoccerHub meme with hashtags #SoccerMemeTournament and tag @SoccerHub_io.


Guidelines & Timeline 🎮

  1. The meme has to be related to SoccerHub.
  2. Make us laugh. Be creative, crazy and funny.
  3. Every participant can submit only 1 meme, so make it count! Multiple submissions will not be reviewed.
  4. No NSFW memes. Keep it family-friendly.
  5. SoccerHub is not responsible for any copyright issues. The owner is responsible for not infringing any copyright.

Important dates

Creative Resources

About SoccerHub

  • Satisfy the Soccer passion
  • Enjoy the ownership of a Super Squad
  • Earn tokens while playing and trading
  • Have fun with the betting system

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