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Nov 19, 2021

2 min read

The Difference Between The Alpha Version and Beta Version

Big things are coming to our town, here we’ll take a look at the differences between the Alpha and Beta versions.

🤙 Currently, every SoccerHub’s lover is waiting for the main game. We notice and really appreciate your affection, thus a huge series of it will be officially launched today for you mates!

Here, we’ll take a look at each of the versions, and then break down the differences between them to know what we can expect!

🅰 WIIFM: Alpha version

The Alpha version launches on Testnet this Nov. 30, and the early chances to play will be given to users who have at least 15 NFT players. Our next sale round date will be announced soon, before the Alpha version for sure.

To play the games, first of all, you need to register in advance to receive the available time for the matches.

🎮 Each simulation match lasts about 5 minutes.

🎮 These matches will kick off once an hour.

🎮 Your team will play against one of our system teams. If they all are in a match, you’ll need to wait till the next hour.

Besides, in this version, you can change the username and name of your club.

🅱 WIIFM: Beta version

After the Alpha session, based on your comments and ideas, we’ll revise and make adjustments to the game.

Here in this Mainet version:

🏟 You can play against other users’ teams in friendly mode.

🏟 Find & Add Friends by Wallet Address/username features will be added to the game. Thanks to these, you can schedule matches to play with your friends, or invite other people to join your game.

👉 So now it’s a good time for you to prepare yourself, to have the early chance to play in the Alpha version.

⌛ And don’t forget that APY will be reduced soon, so seize your opportunity to play the minigame, and stake now to get bigger rewards.

Latest features of SoccerHub:

💸 $SCH Staking (

🛒 Marketplace (

😎 NFTs Staking (

🎮 Kick Up & Run Kick Minigame (

⚽️ Newbie Guide: