Upcoming Events: SoccerHub Golden Balls & The First P2E Minigame

Good day, SoccerHub community ⚽️ What a wild ride we had with SoccerHub’s triple-IDOs on 29th September! Not for so long, you can truly experience the game and satisfy your passion.

According to our milestones in phase 1, there are two special days $SCH community should set reminders now:

Marketplace and 1000 SCH Golden Balls on Gacha: 2nd October 2021.

P2E minigame: 6th October 2021.

Get ready for this explosive soccer season by arming yourself with information about SCH Golden Balls as well as the mini-game below.

What are SoccerHub Golden Balls?

SoccerHub Golden Ball is a special product to be launched on Gacha along with the Marketplace in phase 1. Users will randomly get casual NFT players or Talented NFT players when purchasing our Golden Balls on Gacha.

1000 SCH Golden Balls will be released, but only 20% of them contain Talented players.

What distinguishes Talented NFT players from other NFTs?

Only Talented NFT Players could be trained and developed into the best world-class players. The Golden Balls with Talented NFT players inside could bring more value to your squad in Soccer Manager than casual NFT players.

Talented players will have a special crown for identification.

The 1st Mini-game

The 1st mini-game will be held on Oct 6th after launching our Marketplace and NFTs. This Play-to-earn event promises to be a craze for the SoccerHub community.

How to join:

  • Hold at least 1 NFT soccer player.
  • The more tokens you hold, the more minigames you could participate in.
  • The top 10 participants with the highest scores will be rewarded more when playing minigames in the following week.

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